gavel-logo-toastMany people dread public speaking, yet the folks over at Forbes say that the skill can “boost your value by 50%.”  They probably got the number from billionaire Warren Buffet, who told the same thing to a group of Columbia University students in 2009, according to an Inc. article recently.  And the need is only increasing in today’s communication-driven technology-world.

The problem with learning public speaking for homeschoolers is that you need an audience.  If this is your conundrum, look no further.  The Fort Collins Homeschool Gavel club is here to help.  Gavel Clubs are affiliated with Toastmasters International, and dedicated to the same principles. This is our second year and we can help your 6th-12th grade students to get up there at the lectern and be confident about what they’re going to say.

When you visit us at one of our regular meetings, you’ll notice that the way our Gavel Club works is simple. You student has opportunities for many unique speaking roles: one person will time the speeches and give reports, one counts ballots and announces results, one person selects topics for others to answer, along with many other roles. Each role is a vital part of the meeting, designed to help our members learn speaking skills in many different ways. At each meeting, several speakers deliver a prepared 5 – 7 minute speech on a topic of their choice. When you first start out as a “Gavelier”, your first speech is on a simple topic: yourself. From there, objectives for sequence of talks narrow your focus to specific areas to work on, such as perfecting body language, organizing speech information, and making a great impression with your audience.

The other unique aspect you can expect when you join, is that you will help to run the meeting. It’s not just a teaching time – it’s a hands-on learning time, where everyone works together, and learns from each other, in a supportive environment.

We meet twice a month during the school year.  We all like a certain amount of flexibility in our schedules, so we ask that a full member commits to attending 75% of the meetings for one term at a time – this is only 6 meetings in a term from September to December.

You may be thinking this is going to cost a lot for all the great value you will be getting, but you will find that it is very affordable.  There is a $5 annual fee for “dues”, and then an $8 fee for the each manual you’ll need.  Most first year students only need 1 manual.

So if you’re ready for your homeschooler to start improving their public speaking skills, why not consider Fort Collins Homeschool Gavel Club? Want to see our club in action at a meeting? We’d love to have you … just drop us a line at our Contact Us page with any questions you may have. Be sure to also visit our Want to Visit page for info on meeting times and directions.

We hope to see you soon.