Model Good Speaking as an Evaluator


  • Speak clearly.
  • Use no filler words.
  • Have a great posture.
  • Smile and be pleasant.
  • Enunciate your words clearly.
  • Address the audience.
  • Address the Speaker often.
  • Use gestures effectively.
  • Use correct pronunciation and grammar.
  • Finish strong and on a high note.
  • Enjoy the process. Feedback is MOST appreciated when it’s sincere and honest.

These were tips from PROLIFICliving.

What to Say When You Evaluate

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make helpful comments when you evaluate someone else’s speech.  Plus, you have to fill up the whole time!  A minute or two can seem VERY long.  The trick is to be very specific about the things you liked and the reasons you liked them. Review this checklist* before listening to the speech and see if some of them apply. Continue reading